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BlackBerry Limited has announced its participation in Cybertech Africa, an unprecedented event that aims to advance cybersecurity in the region. The assembly, scheduled for August 1-2, will bring together government officials and technology leaders to address the increasingly complex cyber landscape in Africa. By Lira Mercer

At Cybertech Africa, BlackBerry will collaborate with African government officials and enterprise leaders to navigate the challenges posed by cyberattacks and promote cybersecurity innovation and public-private partnerships. As a global leader in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) powered cybersecurity, BlackBerry is trusted by governments and enterprises worldwide to protect their digital operations. The company’s software is currently connected to and protecting over half a billion endpoints.

The participation of BlackBerry in Cybertech Africa highlights the critical role of technology companies and cutting-edge technologies in Africa’s cybersecurity efforts. This event aims to strengthen collective resilience in the digital era and foster economic growth through enhanced cybersecurity measures.

Rwanda, known for its forward-thinking digital policies, plays a key role in Africa’s digital transformation and cybersecurity ecosystem. With a National AI Policy developed by the Ministry of ICT, Rwanda is at the forefront of the region’s technological advancements. The country has experienced significant GDP growth, reaching a record high of $13 billion in 2022.

BlackBerry is committed to partnering with governments and enterprises worldwide to build a sustainable world by leveraging its expertise in Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity software.

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