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RWANDA: Haitian Jean Philippe Prosper has been appointed Chairman of the Board of BK .

In the general meeting of BK Group held this Thursday, Jean Philippe Prosper was approved as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of BK Group PLC. He replaces Marc Holtzman who was elected to lead the board of the Rwanda Capital Market Authority.

Jean Philippe Prosper is a native of Haiti, with experience in corporate finance where he served as Vice President of the World Bank’s Private Equity Fund, the International Finance Corporation.

In this meeting, Marc Holtzman expressed that it is time for international investors to realize that Rwanda is the place they should invest because it is a country with fast economic development.

It is the annual general meeting of the investment company BK Group PLC which includes Bank of Kigali, BK capital Ltd, BK General Insurance and BK Techhouse. He was warned to approve one of the conclusions presented in the 2022 annual report.

This report shows that in the year 2022 this company earned 59.7 billion Rwandan francs, an increase of 15% compared to the year 2021. This is mainly based on the expanded activities of this company.

Which include those that benefit the people in different sectors as Marc Holtzman who was the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BK Group PLC explains.

« BK had a great year. 62 million dollars were collected, that is 36 million in just 3 years. It is a company that continues to expand in financial services.

Insurance, various agricultural services that help the people, you see that the future of this company is good ».

Since the economic growth in Rwanda is promising, Marc Holtzman says that this is the time for international investors to know that Rwanda is the place they should invest their money.

He said, « Currently there is international pressure on the markets, but that will change, and if it changes in the next few years, investors will see that Rwanda is a place where there are good investment opportunities at the international level ».

« In my opinion, we also look at this BK Group company, you see investments that will » further expand and develop.

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