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DRC – RWANDA: Congolese Diaspora in Rwanda Backs Nairobi, Luanda Agreements to Bring Peace in .

The Congolese community living in Rwanda called for support of the Nairobi and Luanda agreements to end the ongoing conflict between the rebels of the M23 and government forces to bring peace in eastern DRC, the Congolese diaspora in Rwanda said in a statement on Friday. Source Xinhua

« The Congolese Diaspora in Rwanda affirms its support for the strict application of the resolutions of the Nairobi and Luanda agreements, » said the statement.

In the statement, the Congolese diaspora in Rwanda also said it remained very concerned about the escalation of tensions between Rwanda and DRC, two neighboring countries with centuries-old relations.

The DRC’s government in late October ordered Rwandan Ambassador Vincent Karega to leave the country over Rwanda’s alleged support for rebels of the March 23 Movement, an allegation Rwanda has repeatedly denied.

According to the statement, the Congolese community reaffirmed the importance of a sincere dialogue based on substantive issues that are at the root of mistrust and tension between the two countries.

The community also appealed to all Congolese and Rwandans to break the mistrust which negatively impacts bilateral relations between the two countries and to pursue the path of a real fraternity based on common African identity by placing dialogue and reciprocal trust in the foreground for the interest of all.

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