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BURERA, RWANDA: Expansion of Chinese-built hospital completed in northern Rwanda

A newly revamped hospital, constructed by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, was officially commissioned Tuesday in Burera District. The Butaro Level II Teaching Hospital, which was expanded from 150 beds to 256 beds, now features upgraded emergency, intensive care, imaging, and oncology facilities.

The hospital catered to a population of almost 350,000 before the renovation and expansion. With the hospital’s capacity now increased, however, it will be better equipped to accommodate the growing population and function as a teaching facility for health professionals from the University of Global Health Equity and other schools.

Speaking at the event, Rwandan Minister of Health Sabin Nsanzimana said that the hospital would enable the local community to access healthcare without having to travel as far as Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, for medical care.

“As we build hospitals, we also ensure that we train doctors, nurses, engineers and others who will work in this beautiful infrastructure. We acquire the best and most advanced equipment to avoid transfers to Kigali for imaging, diagnosis, laboratory testing and medical treatment,” he said. He further emphasized that the government would play a coordinating role and actively ensure that patients across Rwanda can access the best healthcare services.

“This is an important milestone in access to healthcare services because this hospital will treat more people and provide new services such as an emergency department, imaging and oncology services for children and adults. Moreover, the teaching aspect is coming to rural areas, which means that access to healthcare is not limited to urban settings,” Nsanzimana told Xinhua at the event.

He commended the high-quality infrastructure and expressed appreciation for the architects and engineers who worked on the project, noting that the hospital represents a symbol of friendship and partnership.

Maurice Mugabowagahunde, governor of Northern Province, which exercises jurisdiction over Burera District, said that the hospital marks not only the culmination of two years of hard work and dedication but also symbolizes a new era in healthcare for the province. Mugabowagahunde expressed gratitude to the Chinese company responsible for building the hospital and praised the expansion of the facility, which now includes more space, additional services and more rooms to accommodate patients from the region and beyond.

Kong Lingshun, a representative from CCECC, hailed the Rwandan Ministry of Health and the Butaro Hospital team for their support during the construction phase. “We hope that we can continue to play a role in Rwanda’s medical, health and livelihood projects, and we will continue to contribute to Rwanda’s future development with reliable quality and guaranteed speed.”

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