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Ethiopia and Rwanda Started Sunday their third Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting here in Addis Ababa. High-level officials from both sides addressed the opening session. African Affairs Director-General at Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fisseha Shawel and Rwandan Ambassador to Ethiopia Charles have led delegations from their respective countries. By EBC

Ethiopia’s Fisseha Shawl said Ethiopia and Rwanda have excellent relations and mentioned that the diversified areas of cooperation between the two countries after the signing of a dozen of Memorandum of Understandings during the second Joint Ministerial Commission meeting held in Kigali in 2017.

“The implementation and follow up of such agreements is not as it should have been partly due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that took us about two to three years and we are trying to compensate the time we lost so far,” he added.

“As we have been doing it, we need to consolidate our regional cooperation, especially in areas of peace and security, fighting of terrorism, transboundary crimes, cooperation in the management, development and utilization of shared natural resources, protection of the impacts of climate change and other emerging global issues of common interest to both of us,” Amb. Fisseha underscored.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Charles Karamba on his part said that Ethiopia and Rwanda enjoy excellent bilateral relations and they show cooperation at regional level and multilateral system including at the African Union and the UN.

The third Ethio-Rwanda Ministerial Commission meeting will further strengthen their bilateral relations, Amb. Karamba added.

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