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EALA 2nd Meeting of the 2nd Session of the 5th Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda: 23rd November to 7th .

East African Legislative Assembly, Arusha, Tanzania, 23rd November, 2023: The East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) will hold its Second Meeting of the Second Session of the Fifth Assembly in Kigali, Republic of Rwanda with both Committee and Plenary Sessions taking place at the Parliament of Rwanda.

Article 55 of the Treaty for the Establishment of the EAC provides that, the Meetings of the Assembly be held at such times and places as it may appoint but at least once in every year, in Arusha - Tanzania. EALA is therefore in Kigali, Rwanda in line with the rotational sittings principle of having sittings in the EAC Partner States’ capitals in a bid to bring the Community closer to the people.

The Assembly has invited His Excellency the President of the Republic of Rwanda, His Excellency President Paul Kagame to grace the Special Sitting in the morning of Wednesday 29th November 2023, in line with Article 54(1) of the Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community (EAC).

Among the key Business the Assembly will be transacting during the Meeting are:


The EAC Creative and Cultural Industries Bill, this Bill intends to promote creative and cultural industries in the region. The also intends to establish the Creative and Cultural Industries Development Council. The Council will provide an environment conducive for enhancement and stimulation of creativity and innovative endeavors among the EAC citizenry.

The EAC Pharmaceuticals Bill, this Bill intends to give further effect to Article 118 of the EAC Treaty which provides for cooperation in health and promoting the management of health delivery systems. The Bill was introduced by the Hon. Francine Rutazana.

The EAC Livestock Bill, this Bill intends to provide for the trans-boundary movement of livestock and control of animal diseases within the bloc. Once enacted, the will provide for coordinated identification, characterization, mapping and enumeration of livestock. It also seeks to strengthen the detection, prevention and control of trans-boundary animal diseases. At the same time, the Bill shall provide for a regulatory framework to monitor pastoral ecosystems. The Bill was introduced by the Hon. (Dr.) Woda Jeremiah.

Committee Reports

* Report of the Committee on Agriculture, Tourism and Natural Resources “The On-Spot Assessment of the Control and Management of the Single Use of Plastic Materials in EAC”;

* Report of the Committee on General Purpose on “The EAC Annual Report for the F/Y 2020/2021”;

* Report of the Committee on Regional Affairs and Conflict Resolutions on “The EAC Peace and Security State of Affairs, E-Passport and Immigration”;

* Report of the Committee on General Purpose on “The EAC Pre-Budget Conference”;

* Report of the Accounts Committee on “The On-Spot Assessment on the Development of Kiswahili”;

* Report of the Committee on Legal, Rules and Privileges on “The Proposed Amendments to the Assembly Rules of Procedure”.


The Assembly will also consider various Motions touching on-

use proceedings of the House in the East African Court of Justice seeking interpretation of the powers and functions of the Assembly by the Dr. Siranda Gerald Blacks;

On management of Finances by the Dr. Siranda Gerald Blacks;

* urging the Council of Ministers to implement mechanisms of enforcing the provisions of Articles 143 and 146 of the Treaty for Establishment of the East African Community by the Godfrey Maina Mwangi;

* urging the Council of Ministers and Partner States to ban the export of raw hides and skins and the importation of leather products into the Community by the Hon. David Ole Sankok.

* urging the EAC Partner States to invest in water and sanitation services by the Hon. (Dr.) Woda Jeremiah; and,

* recommending to the Council of Ministers to facilitate and support mothers of new-born and infant children in the service of the community by the Hon. Falda Delkow

EALA Joint Activities with the Parliament of Rwanda

Members of the Fourth Power; EALA will also take advantage of our time in Kigali to undertake some joint activities with our counterparts in the Parliament of Rwanda. These activities are aimed at cementing the cordial relationship that exists between our two legislatures. Indeed, EALA has already participated in the Umuganda on Saturday, 25th November, 2023 in Kabeza Village, Cyimo Cell, Masaka Sector, Cykiro District. We also have a joint cultural gala in the evening of Wednesday 29th November.

You are also informed that we have a packed programme in Kigali where we shall also have the 13th edition of the EAC inter-parliamentary games. Parliaments from all over the EAC region with the exception of the Democratic Republic of Congo, shall participate in the games – competing against each other in a number of sports disciplines such as football, netball, volleyball, athletics, darts, and golf among others. You are all invited to cheer your members of parliament. Entrance is free for all.

About the East African Legislative Assembly

The East African Legislative Assembly is the Legislative Organ of the East African Community. Its membership consists of a total of 72, of whom 63 are elected Members (9 from each Partner State) and eight ex-officio members (the Ministers responsible for EAC Affairs from the Partner States, the Secretary General of the Community and the Counsel to the Community).The East African Legislative Assembly has legislative functions as well as oversight of all East African Community matters. The enactment of legislation of the Community is put in effect by means of Bills passed by the Assembly and assented to by the Heads of State, and every Bill that has been duly passed and assented to become an Act of the Community and takes precedent over similar legislations in the Partner States. EALA has to date passed 79 pieces of legislation.

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