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The dishonest white man

The migration crisis in Europe gives power under the wings of right-wing and left-wing parties seeing the historical moment as a chance to be more relevant in their countries. The plight of the refugees is not their honest concern but the means to grow internally. By Dipl.-Pol. Karl-Heinz Heerde

Refugees that hit European shores come only from certain countries, as citizens from, e.g., Botswana, Namibia, and Rwanda, are not among them. These countries represented in the influx of illegal African migrants are obviously seriously mismanaged.

When the white man tries to misuse African countries for his own benefit, African leaders have the responsibility to stop him and push him back to where he belongs, not only since independence but even before Colonialism started. Human traffickers benefit from the painful situation and must be held accountable, but they are not the reason why so many people leave home. Political and economic hardships are the real course of the problem.

When the right African leaders manage their nations well, most refugees will stay and contribute to the nation-building process.

Any doctor knows curing symptoms is never the final appropriate answer, but to unroot the underlying issue is.

It is, therefore, remarkable to observe that no politicians, nor their political affiliates, demand a change in leadership of countries knowingly allowing their people to be forced to leave home for greener pastures. Instead, the “Good people” of the white societies blast against their governments for not doing enough and the wrong things.

Their lists of demands do not tackle the real issues in Africa; rather, they are a make-up intervention to brush over the obvious problems crying out for obvious solutions to make Africa stand proud in dominion.

Right-wing, left-wing, and established parties in the world of the white man are very well aware of the potential danger Africa could cause to them when living up to its God-given full potential and shining as a black paradise in the world dominion.

Jobs in, e.g., Europe will get lost, and the white man will face directions and values given by Africans to him, never in his heart and interest. Essentially the loud voices of extreme political parties will be silenced.

Loans, AID support, debt relief from time to time, direct investments, etc., of modern days, are seen as great steps in the right direction while working as the old Roman “Bread and Games” strategy on both sides of the color spectrum.

The Boomerang of history is touching down on European soil and beaches, hitting on its way humans, systems, and the course of events. Only wise nations and individuals with foresight will understand the clear signs of history and accept the undeniable truth and find ways how best to make a profit from it all.

Many are called; only a few are chosen.

Author: MANZI


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