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Partnership to Power Access to Affordable Electric Kick Scooters and Cargo Bikes

eWAKA, Africa’s new market entrant that is spearheading sustainable mobility options to enhance the region’s economic prospects, has strengthened its Eastern Africa footprint by partnering with Rwanda’s AC Mobility (Tap & Go) to bring electric kick scooters and cargo e-bicycles to the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills.’ By Afrique Media

The partnership with AC Mobility has already achieved notable milestones, including the successful pilot of 50 kick scooters in a local park. Currently, eWAKA is generating interest with its Shujaa electric cargo bicycle, and a second pilot program is underway. eWAKA has strategic plans to deploy at least 500 kick scooters and cargo e-bicycles by the end of 2023, specifically for commuting, exploring and delivery services.

The overarching goal of this partnership is to make electric mobility solutions accessible and affordable in Rwanda. Moreover, the partnership foresees the deployment of approximately 1,000 cargo e-bicycles and kick scooters across the country by the end of 2024, reflecting the company’s strong dedication to sustainable urban mobility.

Electric vehicles (EVs) remain one of the tools available on the African market to mitigate the escalating climate change on the continent, especially in urban areas. Recognized as a transformative innovation, EVs represent a pivotal shift away from traditional fossil fuel-powered transportation, offering a cleaner and more sustainable alternative.

Speaking on the expansion, Chief Executive Officer & General Counsel of eWAKA, Celeste Vogel said: “We are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with AC Mobility Rwanda. The Rwandan market has grown to become one of the most relevant and influential sustainability-conscious markets in Africa and what happens in Kigali greatly influences the path other African consumers take.

These market dynamics underlined our decision to expand into Rwanda and partner with one of the country’s leading providers of smart and interactive transport solutions. As the partnership builds momentum, we look forward to expanding our client base while gaining further insights into the African EV sector. We are committed to leading the charge for EVs’ adoption across the continent, one country at a time.”

On his part, Jones Kizihira, the Chief Executive Officer of AC Mobility Rwanda, added: “We are excited to partner with eWAKA to drive Rwanda’s motorbike electrification. The country’s socioeconomic transformation has created a need for a robust, cost-effective, and pro-environmental transport system. Electric vehicles perfectly address this growing market demand. We look forward to growing our eWAKA partnership and network to build a strong EV kick scooter and cargo bike ecosystem in Rwanda.”

This expansion, eWAKA’s first out of Kenya, falls within the company’s 2023-2024 growth strategy built on the introduction of products designed and manufactured for Africa, in Africa that meet global mobility standards.

eWAKA is spearheading sustainable mobility to enhance Africa’s economic prospects by harnessing the power of electric vehicles.

eWAKA’s services address frustrating and disruptive mobility experiences by offering a sustainable solution that will increase connectivity, improve efficiencies, and offer safe, environmentally friendly transportation.

eWAKA offers multiple customer segments electric vehicle mobility options that decrease pollution such as greenhouse gases, Co2 and noise, while providing compelling affordability through low electricity prices as compared to fuel, off grid solar power system solutions and overall low maintenance costs.

In 2023, eWAKA’s strategic development plans include establishing an African production facility to assemble components of the highest standards provided by international manufacturing partners.

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