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RWANDA AIRLINES: Nigerian Customers Account For 44% of Our Total Revenue

The Country Manager, RwandAir Nigeria, Muhamud Wayiga has revealed that Nigerian customers make up about 44 percent of the company’s total revenue. This was disclosed at an event organised by the Airline to reward its Nigerian customers and some stakeholders. By Taofeek Adekunle Olashil

While noting the importance of the Nigerian market, the Airline’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jimmy Musoni appreciated the love and loyalty shown to RwandAir by the Nigerian customers.

Investors King learnt that several bonus packages which include business class tickets to London were won at the event. Awards of recognition were also presented to outstanding partnering travel agencies of the Airline.

The Country Manager, Muhamud Wayiga said « The reason we are here is to thank our stakeholders for continuous support and update them on new developments in the market to promote business continuity ».

Wayiga also noted that some global events such as the Russian – Ukraine crisis have affected the aviation business. He stated that the high cost of aviation fuel is a global phenomenon and partly an adverse effect of the Russian – Ukraine crisis. He added that high inflation which is currently witnessed all over the world has also affected the industry.

« There has been a lot of inflation, prices have gone up. If a normal person is affected, so is our business, » he said.

Meanwhile, Investors King had earlier reported that the Nigerian government has promised to help foreign airlines to repatriate $350 million from their trapped fund by the end of the year. This is half of the $700 million claimed to be trapped by the foreign airlines operating in Nigeria.

It will be recalled that the foreign airlines operating in Nigeria under the guise of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have accused the federal government of frustrating their efforts to repatriate their funds back to their home country.

This logjam which had hitherto led to a war of words between the association and Nigeria’s Ministry of Aviation was partially resolved at a roundtable meeting organised by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila

The Speaker noted that it is paramount for all parties involved to shift ground so that a workable solution can be created around the problem.

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