The journey out of Abuja was smooth. It lasted for about three hours or so. About twenty-five minutes to our landing in Kigali, I was woken up by a beautiful voice which turned out to be that of the female captain.

Selon deux scientifiques renommés, le cerveau humain est en fait un «ordinateur biologique» et la «conscience des êtres humains» est un programme géré par des ordinateurs quantiques situés à l’intérieur du cerveau qui continuent d’exister après la mort. « Quand les gens meurent, leur âme retourne à l’univers, et elle ne meurt pas ». Dans Cahier de Mr Veuille

Son boubou, tenue traditionnelle africaine, est éclatant. Beaucoup de vert et du jaune. C’est la première chose que l’on voit d’elle. Par Le Nouvelliste

It’s almost inconceivable, but in the last hundred years alone, this beleaguered planet of ours has seen millions upon millions of people slaughtered in genocides. By Barbara Lloyd McMichael

The award-winning Liberian medical doctor and inventor, Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan has been invited to Rwanda to speak at the global gathering of African and world scientists scheduled to take place in Kigali. By Cholo Brooks

The opposition is in disarray after its erstwhile leader signs a surprise agreement with President Kenyatta. By Africa Confidential

The meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga was an important step toward ending the protracted crisis over last year’s disputed election. To build on the progress, consensus is required on concrete steps that can help safeguard against future polarisation and violence. By Crisis Group

Author Frida Umuhoza will be the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center’s next speaker in its “Be the Change” series.
Umuhoza, survivor of the 1994 Rwanda genocide against the Tutsis.