VISIT RWANDA : Gorilla Infants Ready to Be Named at Rwandan Ceremony

The naming ceremony this year takes place on Sept. 7, at the headquarters of Volcanoes National Park, home to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. There are 23 infant gorillas ready for naming, with seven of them from the groups that the Fossey Fund protects every day.

TOURISM : Rwanda Development Board Introduces Paramotoring

Rwanda Development Board (RDB), in partnership with the Rwanda Flying Club and the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority, is excited to introduce paramotoring (powered paragliding) to its adventure tourism offerings.

UNION AFRICAINE : L'Industrie du Tourisme Emploie 21 Millions de Personnes en Afrique (Union africaine)

21 millions. C’est le nombre de personnes qu’emploierait le secteur touristique sur le continent africain, selon des chiffres avancés par Amani Abou-Zeid (photo), commissaire de l’Union africaine (UA) chargée de l’infrastructure, de l’énergie et du tourisme, lors de la 61ème conférence de la Commission de l’Organisation mondiale du tourisme pour l’Afrique. Par Moutiou Adjibi Nourou

TOURISM : Rwanda Launches Cycling Tourism in Earnest

New tourism offerings make destination Rwanda even more attractive. Rwanda Tourism has now opened up additional cycling routes across the country, none as extensive as the Congo Nile Trail but challenging for cyclists nevertheless in 10 more locations. By Dr Wolfgang Thome