Head of Oxfam International, Mrs Winnie Karagwa Byanyima has asked stakeholders in the East African region, to expedite the process of creation of the East African Confederation and to appoint Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni as its first leader.By Sam Waswa. 

Mrs Byanyima made the call yesterday in a brief Independence Day message to Ugandans, on social media. The wife of opposition FDC strongman Col Dr Kizza Besigye seemed to suggest in her message, that appointing Museveni as the first leader of the EAC would encourage him to leave office.

« Let us support the creation of the East African Confederation and give (President) Kaguta Museveni a new role as its first leader, and afford Uganda a smooth transition, » she tweeted.

« It will be a win-win! »

President Museveni, who has been praised by many as the greatest champion of the regional integration, has often expressed dismay over its delay.

In a recent interview with the BCC, he listed this among his biggest regrets.

Many of his critics argue that Mr Museveni’s most controversial political moves, including removal of the constitutional term limits, and recently the president age limit, were mostly fuelled by his desire to become the leader of a united East Africa.

The EAC Political federation is meant to unite regional countries Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan as a single federated sovereign state, with a single currency and constitution.

President Museveni who, like the former Libyan leader Col Muammar  Gadhafi, backs the idea of uniting the African continent under one government, but believes that this process has   to start with consolidating regional blocs such as the EAC.

Museveni, since the resumption of the efforts for creation of the East African Community in 2000, has been the most vocal proponent, while many of his regional counterparts seemed sceptical.

Museveni has relentlessly articulated that governments in Africa have no choice but to integrate, starting with regional blocs; otherwise they lose relevance in the new world order.

This week, the regional political federation process picked up some speed, after the East African Council of Ministers approved a committee of 12 experts to draft the East African constitution.