Three Stones was selected by UN Women to perform a feasibility study for a Center of Excellence on Gender and Women Empowerment in Rwanda. By Sifa Uwera and Cliff Lubitz

UN Women, on behalf of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF), seeks to establish an integrated resource center to showcase and document the gender and women empowerment journey in Rwanda. It is envisioned that the Center will enhance more partnerships and learning within and outside Rwanda.
The intended Center of Excellence on Gender and Women Empowerment will be able to provide access to a wide array of information on gender equality; act as a research hub for international researchers; be a conference hub for women empowerment summits/conferences; and house a library, museum and training facility to close the knowledge gap.
The Center could be a place of inspiration to keep the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment alive and vibrant. It is expected that collaboration will be established among key stakeholders including the donor community.
Greater progress in promoting gender equality in Rwanda has been largely driven by strong Government commitment. For example, Rwanda is one of only five countries to have closed at least 80% of its gender gap. Gender equality is enshrined in the constitution and Rwanda is the first country in the world to have more than 64% female members of Parliament.
Three Stones is working closely with UN Women and MIGEPROF to translate a dream (inspired by the late Minister Aloisea Inyumba ) into a reality through a Center of Excellence on Gender and Women Empowerment that will document Rwanda’s gender and women empowerment journey and be a beacon to learn from the past and sustain the gains for future generation.