In most of Africa of which Liberia is of no exception, education is most probably considered as the leading qualification for national leadership. Overtime, this mentality has proven false and futile. Martin K. N. Kollie*

Language Barriers Hurt African Investments. Can Tech Innovation Help Solve The Problem? By Dana Sanchez

«Aussi déplorable que cela puisse paraître, ce sont les types au-dessus du président qui prennent les décisions. Ils pourraient avoir choisi Trump. Ces choses-là n’arrivent pas par accident.». Par Pepe Escobar

L’Europe n’a pas été conquise par les armes, mais par la culture. Ce qui a marché dans les années 50-60-70 dans la vieille Europe est en train d’être mis en œuvre en Afrique, de manière moins subtile et plus brutale, mais avec les mêmes objectifs.. By Agence Ecofin

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he has promised God he will clean up his famously vulgar language. By BBC

Gaddafi's regime was based on some form of the rule of law, at least when compared to the lawlessness that prevails now.. Libya receives very little attention these days. Why did the international community collectively go wrong? By Amb. Hardeep S. Puri

Information about the displacement of President Habyarimana, was known by only his own senior commanders and heads of security as well as their French allies and defacto commanders. By Mwene Kalinda

What the war between Paris and Kigali over Habyarimana’s death tells us about the two nations. By Andrew M. Mwenda