Today, seeing what is happening in the continent, I think Rwanda is already the Singapore of Africa. Let me explain. Makarand Sahasrabuddhe*

I have a Saudi friend I made while in Canada five years ago. We talked about Rwanda once in a while whenever an opportunity presented itself. My stories largely rotated around the genocide, and a country in Africa that was trying to figure things out after the devastation. By Magnus Mazimpaka*

Trump vient-il enfin de confirmer au monde que le président des Etats-Unis n’a jamais été le véritable patron ? Par Avic

Au nom de la foi proclamée en Jésus de Nazareth, l’Occident chrétien en fut un grand manipulateur. Il a conquis des royaumes, asservi des peuples, érigé des empires. Le Rwanda porte des ccatrices. Par Oscar Fortin

Over the last decade, the role of ICTs in economic development has evolved from a focus on broadband access and use to more intensive applications. By Eric Ryan Obeysekare, Aminata Garba, Carleen Maitland*

Rome-Managing urbanization sustainably poses new challenges and opportunities to recast food and agriculture systems in ways that benefit both cities and the countryside, according to a new report presented by the International Food Policy Research Institute ( IFPRI) and FAO.

La «société civile» est «l’association des citoyens». En ajoutant «civile» à "société" on jouerait implicitement de l’opposition avec d’autres organisations sociales «non civiles», militaires par exemple. Par Silvia Cattori

In most of Africa of which Liberia is of no exception, education is most probably considered as the leading qualification for national leadership. Overtime, this mentality has proven false and futile. Martin K. N. Kollie*