Once regarded by most Americans as the “Continent doomed with poverty, diseases, and wars,” Africa is on the run to be the most attractive tourist and investment destination for Americans. By Apolinari Tairo - eTN Tanzania

The issue of how to link tourism and sustainable development is in focus this week at the 41st Annual World Tourism Summit. Hosted by Rwanda, one of East Africa's premier tourism destinations, the international meeting runs from Monday to Thursday at the Kigali Conference Centre. By UNCTAD.

Once a nation in turmoil, Rwanda is now an adored wildlife destination. There is courage in the its revival and grandeur in its beauty. By Rumela Basu*

The luxury Bisate lodge will serve as a “center of excellence” for learning about the great apes and support the local sustainable conservation economy, which helps safeguard the gorilla’s habitat. Anne Quito

If you are thinking about a bird safari, then consider Rwanda tourism destinations as it offers a bird list of 650 species and supports a greater number of Albertine Rift endemics than any other country beyond DR Congo. By gsz

Rwanda continues to position itself as high-end eco-tourism destination for visitors, says Belise Kariza, predicting a 10 pc growth from the Indian outbound market. By Pallavi Goel

Au fin fond des forêts luxuriantes du nord-ouest du Rwanda, dominées par d’irréels volcans jouant à cache-cache avec la brume, la rencontre d’Hernaldo Zuniga avec les gorilles des montagnes a été « quasi spirituelle », décrit ce célèbre chanteur nicaraguayen. Par La Libre

Rwanda will welcome World Travel Awards for the first time, with the Africa Gala Ceremony 2017 set to take place in the country’s thriving capital, Kigali, on October 10th. By Travel News