Views from Nigeria. While Nigerians are fixated with assuaging their palate with wild animals’ meat, in the local parlance called bush meat, in Rwanda, the gorilla is the national icon and the country’s cash cow. By Okorie Uguru

When you hear the word ‘Rwanda’ what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? It’s probably Hotel Rwanda, it’s a genocide-struck country, it’s a dictator’s paradise, and it’s probably just another poor African country. In Standard, By Webmaster

Visit Rwanda says the number of British travellers visiting the country has risen by more than 20 percent over the past 12 months. By Aaron Brooks*

Said to be seen some 35 million times a day on a global basis, the Arsenal football jersey is one of the world’s hottest marketing targets. And it is one that Rwanda has literally grabbed by the sleeve. By Lonely Planet

Le club de football anglais Arsenal a signé un nouveau contrat de sponsoring avec Visit Rwanda, l'agence de promotion du tourisme du pays. Par BBC

Arsenal announced in a statement yesterday that Rwanda Development Board, through its subsidiary, the Rwanda Convention Bureau, became the club’s first official sleeve partner as part of Rwanda’s drive to become a leading global tourist destination, using ‘Visit Rwanda’ messaging. By Sam Waswa

« A life changing experience ! » This is what most tourists say after they visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, and Fossey Fund staff totally agree, since they spend every single day with gorillas — each day is exciting and new discoveries happen all the time. By the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

There are countless corners of the world that are completely misunderstood and labeled as "unsafe," when the reality is far from that simple. Violence, wars, terrorism, and drugs can all destroy a country's image and leave lasting negative consequences for its tourism industry. By Nick Wharton