The report noted that compared to 2017 and 2016, progress has been made in 2018 against visa openness indicators. By Kawira Mutisya

Rwanda Development Board (RDB) seeks to increase US and Canadian visitation to the destination.By Tatiana Rokou*

Clare Akamanzi (left), the chief executive officer of the Rwanda Development Board, and Angel Zhao, president of Alibaba Global Business Group, hold a press conference in Rwanda, Oct 31, 2018. [Photo by Edith Mutethya/China Daily]

La capitale du Rwanda, Kigali, a créé la surprise en juin 2017 lors qu’elle fut classée troisième destination africaine en matière de tourisme d’affaires par l’Association Internationale des Congrès et Conventions (ICCA). Par Diallo Mamadou,

Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills, is a country that is debunking myths about travel in Africa and making a big come back as a great destination for exclusive and intimate travel. By MAR

Actress Maggie Q to Receive World Tourism Humanitarian Award on November 5, 2018 for her Dedicated Work on Behalf of Kageno, an Ngo With Projects in Kenya and Rwanda. By World Travel Market London

The naming ceremony this year takes place on Sept. 7, at the headquarters of Volcanoes National Park, home to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas. There are 23 infant gorillas ready for naming, with seven of them from the groups that the Fossey Fund protects every day.

Selon le rapport annuel du Rwanda Development Board (RDB), le secteur du tourisme a généré 438 millions $ de revenus en 2017, contre 404 millions $ l'année précédente, soit une hausse de 7,76%. Par Agence Ecofin