The capital of Rwanda, Kigali, comes as a shock to most first-time visitors. Conditioned by harrowing accounts of the 1994 genocide, it is reasonable to expect a place broken and sinister. But, on arrival, after the 90-minute flight from Nairobi, the airport seems modern and well-organized. The streets are unusually clean, and the people appear to be cheerful and prosperous. By Andrew Harper

Les pluies torrentielles qui s’abattent depuis le 16 mars sur le Kenya, sont d’une violence rare. Elles ont causé d’importants affaissements de routes dans le pays. Par RI

Travel broadens the mind because it surprises, and sometimes quite profoundly. Rwanda, in central Africa, has been on my bucket-list since Sigourney Weaver’s bewitching performance as the late biologist Dian Fossey in the 1988 film, Gorillas In The Mist. By Geraldine Doogue

NOT long ago, this was the last place in the world you wanted to be. But everything’s changed. By Tamara Hinson

Leonardo has announced the delivery of two AW119Kx single engine helicopters to Akagera Aviation of Rwanda. The aircraft feature a customized convertible configuration for passenger transport or emergency medical service (EMS) depending on mission requirements. Source : PR

Situated in the natural amphitheatre of an eroded volcanic cone, this stunning lodge maximises its unique location, with dramatic volcano views. By Helen Hayes

En compagnie du personnel du Conseil de Développement du Rwanda (RDB), le Cheikh Abdul Aziz a recemment visité le Parc National d’Akagera dans le carde d’une campagne mondiale pour la protection de l’Environnement, domaine dans lequel le Rwanda excelle. Par la Quotidienne

Rwanda’s only golf facility, the Kigali Golf Club, is the youngest in the East African region, and one of the youngest in the world. Established 30 years ago, it is still work in progress in all aspects of the word. By Clinton McDubus