Diplomatic relations between Kenya and Tanzania continue to deteriorate further, after it emerged on Wednesday that Kenya has written a protest note to her neighbour over “hostile and aggressive behaviour towards Kenyan citizens”. By APA

President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga’s impasse over the 2017 election has cast a shadow on Kenya’s future. By John Campbell

Zimbabweans and the region are holding their breaths to see if Emmerson Mnangagwa’s powerful supporters in the military will accept what is widely regarded as Robert Mugabe’s rash decision to fire his erstwhile trusted henchman. By Peter Fabricus

The side-shows in a majority of African countries’ electoral processes are costing the continent big in terms of development, especially economic development, for at the end of the day when elections have come and gone, people want to live better lives.  In The Herald

Michel Kafando vient de conclure une visite de travail d'une semaine au Burundi pour relancer le processus du dialogue en panne depuis quelques mois. Par BBC

Les bombardiers stratégiques chinois et les navires espions près de Guam mettent le Pentagone mal à l’aise. Par Asia Times

Selon le rapport du Parlement britannique, la guerre de l’OTAN contre la Libye est basée sur des mensonges. Les
conséquences techno-économiques et politiques sont immenses et vont au-delà de la Libye. Par RI

The Rwandan government has offered its experience and expertise to support the reforms being undertaken by the Nana Akufo-Addo government in Ghana. By Kent Mensah