The Ugandan government has suspended four officials at the start of an investigation into alleged mismanagement of funds meant to support refugees. The UK, EU and US are threatening to withdraw aid and stop programmes. By The Guardian

When all the big countries just do the talking, a small and troubled country like Rwanda has certainly shown the world how governments should act vis-a-vis its people with its gigantic and 'visionary' healthcare move. It has become the first low-income country to provide universal eye care for its entire population. By The Hans India

On Feb. 15 under the #ProudAfricans banner Africans, African Americans, and Caribbean sisters and brothers from the Tri-state area and around the country will hold a protest rally at the United Nations to repudiate Donald Trump's January 11 slur against Africans during a White House meeting with senators to discuss immigration policy reform. Par Milton G. Allimadi

The year 2017 is of "historic significance" to China-Rwanda relations, said Chinese Ambassador to Rwanda Rao Hongwei on Thursday in Rwanda's capital city Kigali. By Xinhua

About a hundred years ago in Uganda, Queen Muhumuza from Rwanda, stood against patriarchal, colonial and chauvinist forces. She was a spiritual leader, a military leader and a fighter for social justice. Par DW

Rwanda’s First Lady Jeannette Kagame called upon the world to embrace love when she drew from the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi challenging nations to “Bring love where there is hatred.” ByDan Ngabonziza

Les autorités rwandaises ont refusé de recevoir une délégation de députés israéliens d'opposition qui voulaient évoquer la question des migrants africains menacés d'expulsion par Israël. Par AFP

Le projet intitulé « des arbres pour reverdir l’Afrique » est lancé par World Vision International en partenariat avec l’ICRAF, OXFAM et GIZ. Par Moctar Ficou