It will take longer to implement a presidential directive to open borders to visitors from continental Africa. It is also unclear when regulations to guide the entry of visitors will be implemented. By Moses Michira

South Africa's top court on Friday ruled that parliament failed to hold President Jacob Zuma to account in a scandal over multi-million-dollar upgrades to his private home, in a decision that fueled opposition calls for the president to be impeached. By Christopher Torchia , AP

Not only has the Burundian latest round of peace negotiations failed. It has also fundamentally misdiagnosed the problem in the first place. By Carine Kaneza *

L’administrateur-maire du 2e arrondissement de Brazzaville, Simone Loubienga, a lancé le 6 janvier au lycée Pierre-Savorgnan-de-Brazza, en présence de l’ambassadeur du Rwanda au Congo, Jean Baptiste Habyalimana, l’opération de salubrité dans son entité administrative. By Parfait Wilfried Douniama

De manière récurrente les principaux médias occidentaux rapportent des conditions catastrophiques pour les réfugiés en Libye. Mais on n’évoque quasiment jamais comment on en est venu à ces situations catastrophiques et chaotiques en Libye. Par RI

The mask fell in a public forum in Burkina Faso when the French military and it’s presence in Africa was questioned by a girl. In response Macron hysterically told the local audience that they should applaud the French soldiers on African streets. By Aidan O'Brien*

The number of migrants who died crossing the Mediterranean Sea surpassed 3,000 for the fourth year in a row, despite an overall drop in the number of refugees making the journey. By Samantha Raphelson

“There is a direct connection between growing your economy and getting rid of corruption," said Pascal Lamy, pointing to countries such as Singapore and Rwanda which have seen corruption diminish as their economies grew stronger. By Samantha Ho