Rwandan Ambassador to Korea Dailia Yasmin Amri Sued has been named one of the next-generation leaders of Africa by a pan-African think tank. By Yi Whan-woo



Rwandan Ambassador to Korea Dailia Yasmin Amri Sued has been named one of the 21 selected candidates for Tutu Leadership Fellowship for 2020, an annual learning program designed for Africa's highest potential leaders. / Courtesy of Embassy of Rwanda

The African Leadership Institute (AFLI), a private organization based in South Africa with a goal of nurturing "visionary, strategic, self-aware and ethical" leaders across the continent, said recently on its website that Amri Sued is among 21 selected candidates for the 2020 Tutu Leadership Fellowship.

In consultation with Oxford University, the fellowship program is designed for Africa's highest-potential leaders from various sectors.

It offers intensive learning and experiences on the principles and applications of leadership, an opportunity to explore the issues and specific characteristics of leadership in Africa, as well as the global challenges and dimensions of an African leader.

The 21 were picked among more than 300 nominees in their 30s from 36 African countries. The nominees' professions range from entrepreneur, investor, policymaker, journalist and media content creator to immunologist, healthcare expert and educator.

« The selected candidates demonstrate the incredible wealth and breadth of leadership talent that exists in Africa's youth, which bodes well for Africa's future, » the AFLI said on its website.

Taking office in Korea in October 2019, Amri Sued previously spent four years in the United Arab Emirates where she helped Rwanda start its diplomatic mission as the charge d'affaires.

The AFLI assessed she contributed to « strengthening exchanges amongst people, organizations and government authorities » and that she « consistently bridged the gap between the private and public sectors. »

The AFLI also assessed Amri Sued as « a marketer at heart, » referring to her more than 10 years of expertise in marketing before becoming a diplomat in 2015.

She was the marketing manager at Million Rwanda, brand and communication manager at Airtel, and country manager at Creative Eye.

She was also the founder and CEO of Dalila, a public relations agency working with some of the largest brands in Rwanda.

« Throughout her more than 10 years of work in the private sector, her unique traits were her incredible ability to bridge the gap between individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds as well as the urban and rural divide, while tailoring solutions to meet the needs of different stakeholders, » the AFLI said.

The Tutu Leadership Fellowship is offered over six months, including workshops at Oxford University and in London. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's fellowship program has been put on hold and will be rescheduled.