A relatively ‘mysterious shootout’ between Ugandan soldiers(UPDF) in AMISOM Somalia has claimed 4 lives of UPDF forces. By John

The shootout occurred on Saturday, May 11, 2019, local media reported. Uganda’s Defence Spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire confirmed the shooting and said that the “shooting took place at Mogadishu Base Camp”, a base where hundreds of AMISOM soldiers are located.

Local media reported that the shootout may have resulted in an angry argument between troops’, then afterward it turned out to be a deadly shootout between UPDF forces.

Brigadier Richard Karemire told Daily Monitor that investigations are underway in order to determine the real cause for this deadly shootout.

“The motive isn’t yet known. We want to know whether he was insane or not“, Richard Karemire said.

Daily Monitor reports that the soldier who was irritated by his supervisor shot dead his supervisor and then four soldiers in total died in the Saturday shooting incident.

Uganda is the first troops contributing country to have troops in Somalia with around 6000 troops for the maintenance of peace and fighting against the AL Shabab militias.