According to reports and a notice sent to Eritrean government offices unidentified guest is going to visit Eritrea. By Selam

Social media posts with an official notice indicated that « Asmara, Massawa & Keren are instructed to make extensive preparations to welcome Ethiopia‘s PM Abiye Ahmed who is expected to visit #Eritrea on Sunday. Government institutions informed their employees to come out to the streets of Asmara at 7:30am local time to welcome the PM. »
A few days ago, The Associated Press reported that the two countries leaders will meet soon.
According to AP the leaders of Ethiopia and Eritrea will meet « soon » amid a surprising diplomatic thaw between the rival nations, Ethiopia’s top diplomat said Thursday, as an end to one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts appeared to move closer.

The meeting will « create a fertile ground to restore peace, » Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu told The Associated Press. « Details regarding the location and timing are under discussion. »
The minister spoke as an Eritrean delegation led by Foreign Minister Osman Saleh concluded a historic three-day visit to Ethiopia, the first in two decades. The countries broke off relations when a border war began in 1998, five years after Eritrea won independence from Ethiopia, and their leaders haven’t met since signing a 2000 peace deal in Algeria.