DIPLOMACY & HUMAN RIGHTS : Ugandan Ambassador to UAE Have been Recalled

Nimisha Madhvani Ambassador of Uganda to United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been recalled home following the protest of the host country.

According to her experience, Ambassador Nimisha Madhlavani is a saisonal diplomat.

According to the official information Ambassador Nimishahas invited to UAE, Hon Muwanga Kivumbi member of Uganda Parliament where the MP was able to visit the “slave market” and learnt with shock how “Ugandan girls were being sold like commodities in Abu Dhabi.
When the Minister Jeje Odongo was appearing before the Committee of Defence and Internal Affairs, the MP Hon Muwanga Kivumbi raised the concern of matters of Ugandan girls slaves in the UAE he has witnessed. He informed Minister and MPs about the harsh conditions in which Ugandan girls are living in and that in the past seven months, 16 girls committed suicide.
The ambassador Nimisha confirmed, the MP observations
The negative reaction from UAE to Kampala government, obliged the Foreign Affairs Minister to recall its Ambassador to UAE for consultations.

« When we have such a situation we call in the Ambassador to hear her side of the story and figure out how to resolve the impasse, » said an official.
It is curious that he added : « Remember even when we had friction with Kigali you never heard their Ambassador going on TV anywhere, did you? ».
According to her experience, Ambassador Nimisha Madhlavani is a saisonal diplomat.
Let us hope that the life of Ugandan girls will not be sacrified in exchange of funding.
It is well known that in the UAE, they are many other East African and African citizen and people from Asia countries such as Philipines, who are treated as slaves. They need and they have to be protected.