A federal jury in Boston following less three hours of deliberations found Jean Leonard Teganya, 48, guilty of five counts of immigration fraud and perjury in connection with his application for U.S. asylum. By Nate Raymond

Une Américaine et son guide ougandais ont été enlevés mardi soir dans le parc national Queen Elizabeth, l'une des destinations de safari en Uganda.

La police néerlandaise détient Rutunga, recherché par le Rwanda pour le génocide de 1994 contre les Tutsis.

Dutch police have detained a Rwandan man suspected of involvement in his country's 1994 genocide. By Associated Press 

Jean Leonard Teganya, B Rwandan Med Student is accused of taking part in 1994 genocide. By Laurel J. Sweet

A U.S. judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to require Germany to pay damages over genocide and property seizures by colonialists in what is now Namibia more than a century ago. By NewsDiary

 François-Xavier Nzuwonemeye, ancien haut responsable militaire rwandais,se voit réfusé l’asile en France. Par le Figaro

The deported chief executive officer (CEO) of telecommunications company MTN Uganda, has sued the country’s attorney general.