"A nation without intellectuals is a nation without a soul, a nation without guardians of traditions is a nation without its own personality”. Alexis Kagame,1969. By Gloria Iribagiza

One of the important things Kagame has done is put science at a very, very high level. Rwanda is a good case study, in as much as the country had been destroyed in 1994 and if you look at what has happened in the 22 years since this very dreadful event, it has been the leadership empowering people with the necessary tools, for instance in agriculture. By Brendan O'Malley

African science and education ministers have called for bold and urgent steps to increase the number of PhD holders produced on the continent every year, as well as the establishment of an African research chair initiative, and the development of mechanisms to harness research mobility on the continent. By Maina Waruru

Ministre Gashumba a reconnu les progrès dans la lutte contre la malnutrition, les taux d’allaitement maternel exclusifs accrus à 87,3 % et ceux d’émaciation réduits à 2,2 %

Rwanda and the Next Einstein Forum (NEF) have hosted the second NEF Ministerial Meeting to leverage research networks and funding mechanisms to drive Africa’s long term progress.. By Agencie

Les Premières Dames du Gabon et du Rwanda à l'institut de cancérologie de Libreville et à La Maison d'Alice. Par Fabrice Mikomba

Omanis, who began a journey to retrace Oman’s historical and cultural roots in East Africa their dreams come true by reaching Kigali in just 11 days. By Shaddad Al Musalmy

Les instances de la Diaspora Rwandaise Mondiale, viennent de remercier la présidente Alice Cyusa et le vice-président Norbert Haguma.