Gaël Faye, rappeur, auteur-compositeur et écrivain, et samuel Kamanzi, chanteur et musicien, mardi 5 décembre, au Jardin de Verre, à Cholet. Par Nathalie Hamon

Rwanda is a country of startling opposites. On one hand, it is the global leader in terms of percentage of women in government – 64%. By GirlTalk

Characterised by its clean streets, boulevards lined with green palms, and countless hilltop views, Kigali is becoming more and more vibrant with each passing day. By Leah Feiger

Thanks to Moodle, soon you might able to. The government of Rwanda, with help from USAID and FHI 360, is setting an international example when it comes to innovative approaches in education. PR OF Moodle News

Moins susceptibles de se faire dépister et d'avoir accès aux traitements, majoritaires chez les prisonniers et les usagers de drogues... En Afrique, comme partout ailleurs dans le monde, les hommes représentent « l'angle mort » de la lutte contre l'épidémie de VIH, selon un rapport de l'Onusida publié ce 1er décembre à l'occasion de la journée mondiale contre le Sida. Par Julien Vallet

The FAWE Girls’ School in the Gisozi area of the Rwandan capital of Kigali focuses its curriculum on STEM. Other STEM-focused schools have opened in Rwanda in the past decade. By Chika Oduah

We are not going to deal with the issues of gender-based violence if we leave the boys behind. This is relevant when it comes to accessing health services and challenging norms. By Jonathan Hopkins & Dean Peacock

Jean de Dieu Ntabanganyimana of Rwanda was named Mister Africa International 2017. By Pageanthology.