Southern New Hampshire University is expanding a program to help refugees earn degrees. This summer, more than 100 refugees in Rwanda graduated with an SNHU diploma, and more funding is on the way to take the project to other countries. By Andy Hershberger

Following the ongoing political situation in the neighboring Burundi, the 2018 edition of the regional Futbolnet competition is most likely to return to Rwanda, according to Thierno Alassane Diack, executive director of Olympafrica. By GLV

Initiated 1988 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Olympafrica aims to further social development through sport and promote the creation of small-scale sports and socio-educational centers in African countries besides.
Thierno Alassane Diack from Senegal said that we have to wait and see what happens with the situation in Burundi, where the next edition of the regional futbalnet tournament is supposed to be held. In case the situation does not change we may ask Rwanda to host the games because of good organization.
Diack was speaking to Time Sport during the two-day 2017 FutbolNet regional competition that came to a climax over in Rwanda.
“It has been very important coming back to Nyanza this year’s competition has been well organized as always. The teams have learned much more about the values of FutbolNet, but the most important aspect is that there were holding it, living together.”
“Our goal is to educate the kids, and to give them efficient values that will help them use in their entire lives especially,” Diack said
The initiative supported by every FC Barcelona players witnessed five countries including hosts Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, DRC, Zanzibar, and Tanzania being represented by children, both boys and girls. Between the age of 12-13 as well as 14-15 years.
In the Benjamin category (U13-U14) was won by Uganda who beat DR Congo 1-0, while Burundi beat DRC on 7-5 penalties to win the Mini Category trophy for kids aged between 12-13 years.
The sport played by two teams each with seven players apart but mixed by two girls and five boys. The game is played for twenty minutes each half takes 10 minutes. The other difference between the normal format of football is that there is no referee during play.
The children on the pitch arbitrate the game themselves the rationale is to promote fair play.
Jean Paul Mana, Director of Olympic Africa Youth Center in Nyanza- said that because Rwanda is known for good organization, it most likely to host the 2018 regional tournament.
“To us, we are always ready to host the regional tournament just like this one for this year above all we will continue to provide more opportunities for young people and local communities to practice FutbalNet and to become empowered.” He added
Today, the Olympafrica program offers a wide range of sporting, social and educational activities for young people and communities in 39 centers across 35 African countries.

Des documents publiés par l’agence Reuters montrent comment Philip Morris tente de contrecarrer la lutte contre le tabac menée par l’Organisation mondiale de la santé. Par Servan Peca & Adrià Budry Carbó

Une épidémie de choléra a causé la mort de quatre personnes et contaminé plusieurs centaines d'autres à Goma et sa périphérie au Nord-Kivu, dans l'est de la République démocratique du Congo, a-t-on appris mercredi de source officielle. Par AFP

Le « Monde Afrique » propose une minisérie sur le développement des innovations sur le continent, où près de la moitié de la population utilise des services mobiles. Par Pierre Lepidi

False dawns of good African football governance come thick and fast. Every time there is a scandal involving officials from a national association, we are assured by “spin doctors” that the mess will be cleaned swiftly and a bright future ushered in. By Monthati Motaung

"Rien ne pourra jamais être pire". Dorothée Munyaneza, qui présente "Unwanted" au Festival d'Avignon (7 au 13 juillet) est une rescapée: à douze ans, elle a vécu le génocide de 800.000 tutsis au Rwanda en 1994. Par AFP

The Blankets and Wine festival will debut in Rwanda at Kigali Golf Club on 27 August. The event will strive to promote local and upcoming talent from Rwanda and partner with corporates as well as food and beverage outlets to add to the experience of festivalgoers. By Lucy Ilado