Uganda, which is not culturally or medically equipped to deal with such an outbreak, is now dealing with multiple cases of an Ebola-like virus called MVD in a border region near Kenya. By WHO

“By 2019, one in 10 people living in the developing world will have 3D-printed items in or on their bodies.” That is the claim made by research firm Gartner Group. It appeared on screens on both sides of the stage at the 2017 Techonomy conference, focused on the convergence of man and machine, on Monday.  By Catherine Cheney

Two Rwandan students who spent the summer working and learning at the University of Nebraska Panhandle Research and Extension Center in Scottsbluff earned a trip to participate in the World Food Prize at Iowa, after their poster was a winner in a competition. By Business Farmer

Lundi 30 Octobre 2017 à Kigali, 25 ans après sa création à Dakar, une génération après sa création, TV5 Afrique est passée au numérique.

The launch of Rwanda’s first ever cricket stadium and its continuing efforts to use sport as part of the reconciliation process have been praised by the Commonwealth Secretary-General.

Reconciliation, justice and empowerment were common themes during a talk given by Her Excellency Mathilde Mukantabana, the Rwandan ambassador to the United States. By Ulndy News

Helping hand: Fergie, 58, wasn't afraid to get her hands - or knees - dirty as she knelt in the mud to help lay bricks on the wall during Umuganda, which happens on the last Saturday of every month when locals come together to carry out community work. By Alice and Martha Cliff

In its latest report – Africa’s Pulse – released last week, the World Bank said the region’s workforce is one of the least skilled in Africa, constraining economic prospects. By Gilbert Nganga