S P Jain School of Global Management, the number one business school and the happiest campus in Dubai had the pleasure of hosting Hon. Dr. Eugene Mutimura - Minister of Education in the Republic of Rwanda who received his appointment at the Ministry in December 2017. Source CR

S P Jain School of Global Management host Rwanda's Minister of Education Hosting Hon. Dr. Eugene Mutimura - Minister of Education in the Republic of Rwanda


Respected guests Dalila Yasmin Amri Sued - Consul General of Rwanda in Dubai – and Michelle Ntukanyagwe – Director of Policy, Research and Planning, Higher Education Council (HEC), Republic of Rwanda – were also part of the S P Jain visit.
Dr. Mutimura was welcomed by Prof. Christopher Abraham – Sr. Vice President, CEO & Head of Dubai Campus - who described that the meeting was part of a series of strategic talks aimed at establishing a long term strategic partnership between S P Jain and Government of Rwanda. A campus tour and presentation were part of the Minister’s visit where he was introduced to the university’s values and the various initiatives currently being implemented for students’ growth and career development.
Director of Student Recruitment & Outreach, Sarah El Gohary, then interviewed Dr. Mutimura where he expressed that what the world really needs is for individuals to share their knowledge and skills with others, referring to it as the ‘multiply effect.’ In his words, “mentoring others to learn is very critical in my life and I think that’s the only way you can help others, the only way you can help other communities and a country at large.”
During the TransformAfrica Summit in April this year, S P Jain representative Marko Selakovic – Senior Manager, Institutional Development - and the Government of Rwanda initiated communications and established a strong relationship. Marko added that “Rwanda’s global progress towards innovation and digital transformation cannot go unnoticed.” According to Prof. Christopher Abraham, “this strategic partnership would lead to the establishment of many positive initiatives including setting up the S P Jain Kigali Innovation Campus where many futuristic initiatives in the areas of innovation, fintech and higher education are being planned. The partnership would result in enviable benefits which will transform Rwanda as the digital leader in the African continent.”
About Dr. Eugene Mutimura
Dr. Eugene Mutimura is a prominent Rwandan scientist and researcher who serves as Rwanda’s Minister of Education. Prior to his appointment as Minister, he coordinated the African Centers of Excellence project, based in Kampala and financed by the World Bank in 8 nations, to help provide research and instruction in 16 Universities.
About S P Jain School of Global Management
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