President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda on Friday disclosed plans to establish air and rail links between his country and Nigeria. By Augustine Ehikioya

Entrepreneurs are finding profits turning human waste into fertiliser, fuel and even food. On the outskirts of Kigali, Rwanda, septic trucks full of human excrement bump and slosh their way up orange dirt roads to their final destination: the Nduba landfill. Until recently, the trucks would spill their contents into giant open pits. By Chelsea Wald

Africa’s economic giants, Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt, have been stumbling recently. Rising security risks and political instability in Egypt, economic downturn and militancy in Nigeria and escalating political risks in South Africa led to doubts whether the balance between risks and opportunities in these markets is still favourable for businesses. PR

“Countries like Rwanda can make decisions fast and can implement new technologies in concert with new regulations fast, so we’re now in a position where the US is trying to follow Rwanda”. By Jeremy Hsu, science and tech journalist based in New York.

The Indian group, comprising students, pilgrims, businessmen and a women's cricket team, will visit Rwanda later this year. By Little India

L’Egypte se tourne désormais vers l’Europe dans sa tentative de résolution des tensions liées à l’exploitation des eaux du Nil. Par Gladys Johnson

What connects a group of young Rwandans building an app-based platform to manage data in schools with a new Japanese technology regenerating lead-acid batteries? Or a Danish solar-powered base station solution with a content delivery network and free Wifi connectivity platform from Kenya? By The European Sting

La pénurie des devises devient une menace sérieuse pour le peu d’industries existantes au Burundi. Certaines d’entreprises commencent à lancer les cris d’alarmes que leurs prévisions sont en rouge et craignent pour une fermeture prochaine. Par RPA