Regional Rusumo hydroelectric project is a hydropower plant planned to be developed at the Rusumo Falls on River Kagera located at the common border of Rwanda and Tanzania. By Power

After signing an agreement in October, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda have decided to creat their first joint marketing plan in London at World Travel Market AND TO   join forces to improve their visibility to tourists across the world.

Rwanda is in the process of negotiating with Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) an agreeable mode of contribution of membership funds to meet cost of operations and establishment of the body’s free trade area. By Timothy Kisambira

Bujumbura a interdit l'exportation de produits vivriers vers les pays frontaliers. Une mesure qui frappe de plein fouet les habitants de la province de Cibitoke, habituée à écouler sa production vers le Rwanda voisin. Par Armel Gilbert Bukeyeneza

Les gouvernements congolais et rwandais ont émis jeudi 10 novembre 2016 leur volonté d’aboutir dans un délai «raisonnable» à la signature d’un protocole d’exploitation commune des ressources naturelles (pétrole et gaz méthane) dans le lac Kivu. Patrick Maki

RWANDAIR déploie ses ailes vers de nouvelles destinations. Bientôt un premier vol vers l’Europe ! Et les travaux de construction du nouvel aéroport international du Rwanda viennent de débuter. Par Auto & Transports

For Billy Owino, the pace of change in the business is accelerating because mobile-first customers and employees, big data, and intelligent, connected sensors and devices in the workplace.

Usaid hands over new laboratory equipment to rsb that will make rwanda the first country in the region to test presence of heavy metals in food and water. By Trade Mark, EA