Rwanda and Uganda are emerging a favourite destinations in Africa for investment in information and communications technology. By ANA

Rwanda and Italy on Monday signed an air services agreement that grants both parties the rights to fly into both territories without landing, as well as to make stops for non-traffic purposes, officials said. By APA News

Les économistes écologiques, par exemple Herman E. Daly, démontrent que, comme les coûts externes de la pollution et de l’épuisement des ressources ne sont pas inclus dans le produit intérieur brut, nous ne savons pas si l’augmentation du PIB constitue un gain ou une perte. Paul Craig Roberts*

Ce triste record du continent noir risque de ternir l’image de l’Afrique en ce qui concerne l’innovation. Le Gii mesure les composants des contributions à l’innovation tels que le capital humain, la recherche, la sophistication des entreprises et les résultats de l’innovation. Par Moctar Ficou

STAND STILL: Cement ban is likely to delay projects’ accomplishment and companies might be held responsible for not fullling agreement requirements

As the government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Convention Bureau (RCB) and Rwanda Tourism Bureau conclude arrangement to host the 2018 edition of African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in Kigali come September 22, Chief Executive Ocer, Rwanda Convention Bureau, Ms Dennis Omany, has revealed how excited her country feels to host AMMA and what preparations are on ground to ensure a hitch free event.

Students involved in research projects receive more than financial support for their degrees from the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems.

The event will focus on Rwanda’s rising specialty coffee sector and meeting the industry leaders powering its growth.In Bean Scene Magazine