Italy Thinks France Is Treating Africa Like  Colony; One Businessman Is Determined To Prove Them Right. By Karim El Bar

A new study by UK-based broadband research firm Cable has shown that Zimbabwe has the most expensive mobile data in the world. By Wee Tracker

Une nouvelle desserte de plus pour Madagascar ?  L'Economic development board of Madagascar (EDBM) a levé un pan de voile sur sa récente mission en terre rwandaise. Par Lova Rafidiarisoa

Innovation, she said, is a major force for economic growth and development, which is crucial for the continent to create enough jobs for its youth in particular. 

 Ayman bin Abdullah Al Hasani, Chairman of Opex Organising Committee, revealed that the next destination of Opex will be the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali. By Times News Service

New York-based Symbion Power has sold its investment in Rwanda – an ambitious project to produce electricity through methane extraction.

Le réalisateur Rwandais Joël Karekezi a reçu l’étalon d’Or de Yennenga pour The mercy of the jungle.

 Mizero’s pieces borrow heavily from traditional Rwandan weaving and Imigongo (ancient Rwandan art form) designs. By Andrew I Kazibwe