The Gishoma peat plant is currently generating 10MW, which are supplied directly to Cimerwa, Rwanda’s cement maker that has been relying on expensive fuel oil to run the plant keeping locally produced cement expensive. By Kabona Esiara

Oliver Cann graduated from University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom in 1996 with a BA (Hons) in Government and European Union Studies. From 1998 to 2006, he was partner and co-owner, Thompson Stanley Publications, United Kingdom. In 2006 to 2008, he was head of Business Media, Press Association, United Kingdom. From 2008 to 2012, he was Head of Media Relations, Aspect Consulting, Brussels, Belgium, before joining the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2012. Cann, who is the spokesperson and Head of Media Content for WEF granted DOLAPO AINA an interview during the World Economic Forum Africa in Rwanda.

Once again, a great news from Kigali for all the wellness lovers! Carlson Rezidor has opened a Radisson Blu hotel in Kigali (Rwanda) that features a spa operated by Amani. As an exclusivity: a Rasul Signature Treatment. It seems that Central Africa acquires its pedigree in the spa world industry! By Panafrican Beauty

'If only we would collectively rise to mankind’s greatest challenge to restore what we unjustly borrowed in the name of civilization, the world would become a better place'. That was Sir David Attenborough’s key message as he chatted with a small group of distinguished guests at the Rwanda High Commission yesterday. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome

Governor of BNR, John Rwangombwa looks at why investors are increasingly keen to be involved in the country, highlighting not only the leaps and bounds it, but also its massive potential to grow any kind of investment.

Le 18 février dernier, au cours de la cérémonie de lancement du service Internet 4G dans le bus, le Ministre Nsengimana avait annoncé que l’accès à Internet se fera sans supplément. Il avait également promis que l’accès à internet 4G sera élargi à tous les bus de transport public.Afrique Rédaction .

L’Occident est convaincu que la Chine serait en train de dévorer et d’inféoder l’Afrique. Et la Chine dénonçe les pratiques hégémoniques soviétiques et occidentales, et propose une troisième voie à l’Afrique à savoir un modèle de coopération, de reconnaissance et de respect mutuel. Par Chérif Abdedaïm

So far since July 12, twelve IT engineers have been deployed in Rwanda IT companies and departments that use software to solve a number of problems.

“We are supporting the accelerated growth of social enterprises that approach the world’s most pressing societal challenges with innovative business models,” says Rainer Stern, Global Vice President.

One of the beneficiaries include HeHe Limited, a leading mobile technologies company based in Kigali, among Africa’s most promising young entrepreneurs under 30.

The German experts have been posted to Rwanda ICT chamber a non-profit organization established to fast track the growth of the ICT sector in Rwanda.

Another team of experts have been assigned to Partners in Health a non-profit organization whose mission is to support Rwanda in designing, building and implementing a world class health system.

AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA, a youth association for human rights promotion and development also got a support team.

The volunteering team will finish their assignment on August 4.

SAP’s ambitious goals for 2016 are to have an Impact on more than 1.5 million lives through their global Corporate Social responsibility programs and to foster 250,000 volunteering hours, with 40% based on skills and professional expertise.

Assignment locations for this social sabbatical cycle include South Africa, India, China, Brazil, East Africa, South East Asia, Botswana, Colombia and Argentina.