Un vent d'optimisme souffle sur le Rwanda, où la nouvelle génération voit dans les nouvelles technologies la clé de sa réussite. Propulsé par les politiques novatrices du président Paul Kagame, ce petit pays d'Afrique de l'Est est même à l'épicentre de la révolution numérique du continent. Par Janic Tremblay

The East African Community member states have embarked on a long-term plan to facilitate production of drugs within the region and cut out on imports running into billions. By Fredrick Obura

President Paul Kagame has warned countries under Commonwealth to be watchful because all countries big or small countries can be candidates of fragility. By Dan Ngabonziza

Founded in 2017, eFounders Fellowship will be hosting its second event. This will take place in Hangzhou city, in China. By Denis Opudo

A nation’s ability to raise its productivity and compete in the global market, its growth and income sustainably over the long term depends largely on its capacity to innovate. This is crucial if they are to advance to that next level and significantly benefit from some of the vibrant cultures of innovation that are emerging within various communities on the continent. Source Innovation Summit

Zimbabwe recently awakened to new way of doing business when it hosted the Rwandese delegation that was in the country to teach locals on running ecient governance systems. By Ruth Butaumocho

Strict laws. According to Amb Malac, the US has strict laws that will heavily penalise any company that gets involved in corrupt tendencies. By Ismail Musa Ladu

The Government of Rwanda and the World Bank today signed a $23 million Additional Financing agreement to help reduce the stunting rates among children under age 5 in 13 of Rwanda’s highest-stunting districts. WB Report