Arrivée vendredi 26 août des fermiers concessionnaires de toute la RDC plus particulièrement ceux du Nord-Kivu élargi aux voisins du Rwanda dans le but d’exposer les produits agricoles et animaux. Par Papy Kataka

Rwanda is currently the number one exporter of Coltan, supplying 50% of the world’s tantalum and the first industrial scale Coltan separation plant in Africa will be built in Rwanda, and will become operational in mid-2017. By Qhama Nokwali

Le forum de l’ASBF qui va se tenir sur deux jours, va permettre aux participants de nouer des partenariats en vue de propulser davantage la coopération entre ce pays d’Asie du sud-est et le continent africain. Par Martin Levalois

TMT Finance is teaming up with IHS Towers, the largest mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, to bring an international audience to Africa’s technology hub, Lagos, for the first event of its kind in Nigeria

In Rwanda, the government is an active and engaged partner for organizations leading development interventions on the ground. The willingness and strong buy-in of the political leadership, has ensured the success of development interventions. By Melissa Victor. 

The four-day event at Facebook HQ in London and featured some of the city’s leading African and diaspora entrepreneurs and business women, who shared insight and advice, as well as lead workshops on building business skills for the future. 

A team of Stanford researchers have created a program that uses only publicly available satellite imagery to cheaply and efficiently find poverty indicators.In Rwanda, program predicted average household wealth better than cell phone records. By Weston Williams

In the outskirts of Kigali city in Special Economic Zone, more than 200 young women and men are trained to master the drill command as well as learn the company rules and regulations. By Daniel Nzohabonimana