Rwanda hopes to see a 50 per cent drop in power tariffs, which could reduce production costs in the country. By Kabona Esiara

Investors and officials of the Kigali Heights Complex pose for a group photo after a guided tour of the building. The facility will house big retail brands and banking institutions in the country, region and beyond. By Athan Tashobya

The construction of 2,700 low-cost houses in Rugarama has received funding from Shelter Afrique in partnership with Development Bank of Rwanda. By RT Correspondent

Le président Faure Gnassingbé souhaiterait répliquer l'exemple du Rwanda au Togo. En séjour à New-York, il a longuement rencontré jeudi son homologue rwandais Paul Kagame.

Fred Seka, the chairperson, Rwanda Freight Forwarders Association, said both parties agreed to use an insurance guarantee to facilitate ease of doing business at the port. By Daily News

These measures consist of a travel ban and asset freeze against four persons whose activities were deemed to be undermining democracy or obstructing the search for a political solution to the crisis in Burundi

Fina Uwineza's brewery will be both the first woman-owned and first craft-style in the country. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime – but teach a woman to brew a tasty Canadian-style beer and you'll create a whole lot of jobs. By Haley Ritchie

Small & Medium Businesses in East Africa are resourceful and creative, yet many entrepreneurs lack the time and support they need to innovate in their businesses.