Rwanda will allow heavy trucks to provisionally cross Katuna One-Stop Border Post, Rwanda Revenue Authority has announced. By Vanguard

In a letter dated June 7, Rwanda Revenue Authority Commissioner General Bizimana Ruganintwali Pascal confirmed to the Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) that Katuna OSBP will be opened to carry out trials for heavy truck movements to assess the operationalisation of the newly refurbished facility.

RTDA had requested to carry out the trials after the completion of construction and refurbishment the facility. The trials will be held for a period of two weeks.

« The Management of Rwanda Revenue Authority is pleased to inform the general public that heavy trucks are allowed to provisionally cross Katuna OSBP between June 10-22 2019 in order to facilitate the trial activities requested by RTDA », Bizimana stated.

Rwanda closed its borders with Uganda on February 28 informing Uganda Revenue Authority that Katuna OSBP had been temporarily closed to expedite construction works. Heavy trucks were thus diverted via Mirama Hills Border.

However, President Paul Kagame later confirmed that the border had not been closed to facilitate infrastructure development but because of politics. He accused Uganda of ignoring key issues that Kigali had raised including allegations that Uganda supports Rwandan dissidents hostile to Kigali, arrest and harassment of Rwandan citizens in Uganda and blocking of free movement of Rwandan goods.

Uganda denies the allegations. The diplomatic feud has persisted since February.