Claudette Irere from the Ministry of Information Technology and Communications for the Republic of Rwanda, will speak at the Fab14 Conference in France later this month. By Love Zubilleron

Ms. Irere holds the position of Director General of Innovation and Business Development.

The mission for the Ministry of IT and Communications is to “address national priorities for economic growth and poverty reduction through the development and coordination of national policies related to Information & Communication Technology policies.”
The vision is to accelerate socio-economic development, improving productivity of the private sector and developing the growth of ICT, and to foster ICT development and diffusion in the Rwandan Society and Economy. The guiding principles that will help the ICT vision be attained are crystallized in the “SPREAD” acronym, which is summarized below:
S: Services; Solutions; Systems
P: Private Sector–led; Partnerships; People-Centric
R: Reliable; Rural; Regional Hub
E: Enabler; Employment Generation; Entrepreneurship; Education
A: Accessibility; Affordability
D: Demand-driven
FAB14 will take place in Toulouse, France, from July 16-22 at the Pierre Baudis Convention Center.
The event aims to gather people from the global network to debate and build the Fab Lab Network and to forms of knowledge networking. The most distinguished investigators and specialists from all over the globe are invited, generating activities and traversal impact in the Toulouse. The motto “Fabricating Resilience” sets the stage for sharing experiences and creating a collaborative network. To make this possible, five topics will be developed that can create a big impact in the region: FOOD, MOBILITY, MACHINES, MONEY AND ACCESS.
Fab Events, such as Fab14, are a way to integrate all the knowledge acquired during the year by 1,200+ Fab Labs in the world. The participation for content is based on what the active members propose, that see the space as a showroom for their projects, workshops, ideas, and acknowledge that all the work will be seen and appreciated by everyone. The key is the networking among speakers, tutors and volunteers, and what they can make in this new world of digital fabrication.