The International Congress and Convention Association ranked Kigali, Rwanda as the third most popular destination for hosting conferences in African. International Congress and Convention Association released the ranking on Monday, 7th May based on the high number of meetings that hold in the city regularly. By Naija Nomads

While commenting on the new rank, the Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Convention Bureau, Denise Omany said they’re happy to welcome the position and aims to work harder to attain better rank.
« Rwanda recorded 28,308 delegates in 2017, up from 23,804 in 2016. Tourism is the country’s largest foreign exchange earner and MICE is playing an important role in its growth, bringing in 15 per cent of all tourism revenue. MICE tourism contributed $42 million in 2017. We aim to increase it to $74 million this year »
« With the support of the Government, as well as the private sector, Rwanda has been able to establish itself as a safe, secure MICE destination of choice due to the presence of world-class MICE venues, accommodation facilities, connectivity options and ease of service due to RCB support » she added
Kigali is set to hold quite a number of top-level summits this year including the FIFA Council Meeting. The country is to host the 2020 edition of the Commonwealth Heads of State and Government Meeting. Currently, the Transform Africa Summit 2018 which has been going on since 7th May and ends today is being hosted in Kigali with over 4000 delegates
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