President Uhuru Kenyatta has expressed his shock while speaking today in Karen after learning that books sold in Kenya were being sold in Rwanda at half the price they were being sold in Kenya. By Shem Beverton Mukalo

''In fact, when we started engaging on this issue last year, it was shocking to hear that a school book in Kenya, produced and published by you people here was being sold in Kigali at half the price that it was being sold in Kenya.

Not even Kenya... in Nairobi just across the street from the publishing houses, meaning, friends, that we have abused our system and I think it is time for all of us, genuinely... this willingness, this normalcy that it is right to do the wrong thing, it has to change my friends,'' an evidently angry President Kenyatta said.

The Ministry of Education has embarked on directly purchasing books on behalf of schools to guard against corruption and wastage of public funds.

The ministry found out that the prices of school books had been outrageously inflated.